Lists of members of Irish Brigade

There were 56 POWs who joined the Irish Brigade. The lists all miss at least one member, but the one they miss varies, so we can be sure that the correct figure is 56

An extensive source of information at this NLI document

Casement's List can be compared with the British MI5 list available in WO141/9. But both lists often only give surnames, so 100% identification is sometimes difficult, but can be cross checked with Keogh's list. Another list was supplied via American Embassy as men having moved from Limburg to Zossen. However, a number of them can be proved to have died at Limburg and are buried at Niederzwehren Cemetery and therefore it suggests the ‘American list’ covered more than just men who had moved to Zossen and therefore more than just men of the Irish Brigade. These men are also in adjacent plots at Niederzwehren. And Mahoney produced a list saying who volunteered for Egypt

These men are not on Casements list and it would appear that a bad bout of disease was rampant at Limburg at that time.

Connory – died at Limburg 19/5/1915. Possibly F Connory (8220), 2nd Bn Ryl Irish Regiment in III.J.15 at Niederzwehren.
Kane – died at Limburg 15/5/1915. Possibly W Keane (6709), 2nd Bn Ryl Irish Regiment in III.K.5 at Niederzwehren
Kenns – died at Limburg 17/5/1915. Possibly P Kerins (6169), 2nd Bn Ryl Irish Regiment in III.J.13 at Niederzwehren.
L/Cpl Murphy – died at Limburg 16/5/1915. Possibly L/Cpl DP Murphy, 2nd Bn Royal Munster Fusiliers in III.K.6 at Niederzwehren
Nolan – died at Limburg 24/5/1915. Possibly PWJ Nolan (4747), 2nd Ryl Irish Regiment in III.K.7 at Niederzwehren

There are 3 photographs of the Irish Brigade

Irish Guards
On the 29th January 1919 a Captain Reynolds, on behalf of the Officer in charge Records, Irish Guards, provided a list of names of members of the regiment who had been taken prisoner up to the 25th December 1914. This was in connection with elegibility for Princess Mary's Christmas gift. The names and details of two men have been overtyped as if to remove them from the list however their details are still decipherable:
3?64 Gdsn M O'Toole Limburg
3152 Gdsn F Sewell Gefl?? Zossen
So it would appear that they were the only two from the Irish Guards to join Casement

Casement's Irish Brigade